Wards Falls – Hiking in Nova Scotia

Wards Falls is very common trail that hikers around these parts bring up as they discuss their most favorite hikes. So after a early snow fall in the area, I decided that it was finally time to drive up to Parrsboro and check out the sights!

New signage along the route 209 makes it easy to turn into the dirt road for that short drive to the actual trail head and parking area.

Don’t expect any cell phone coverage in this area, as you start the mostly flat walk up to the falls. By following the North Branch Dilligent River, you followed a well marked trail on a mostly flat terrtain. A very short section at the start would be footpath wilderness, but for the most part it seems like you are following a path made for All-Terrain Vehicle.

Bring some rubber boots as you will probably get wet crossing the river about a dozen times as you zigzag up. A few crossings are a bit iffy with the structure, but for the most part well built bridges are in place.

The tree coverage is fairly dense as the cayon walls seem to close in & out as you hike up the short 3.1km up to the destination; the falls. Overall, the trail return ~6.2kms.

Once at the base of the falls, a final footbridge to cross and a scramble up a goatpath to the money shot; the shallow pool where the falls empties into. You will see a rope ladder; used to be a wood ladder. Fearless people can try to scale up for a better view. However I was happy to just look out and enjoy the sounds of the water flowing downward.

Good for dogs, and younger hikers. Bring sturdy footwear and snacks. There are few picnic tables along the way. There is also an outhouse but not sure of it’s condition. Expect to take almost 2 hours to enjoy the hike and get back to your car.

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