What hiking gear your dog really needs?

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Selecting dog hiking gear can be overwhelming because there are just so many options! Every dog is different and need different items to make the hiking experience more enjoyable and that’s exactly what I want you to take with you from this video!

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Flexi Leash
Hurtta Padded Y-Harness 2
Rukka Proff Shoes
Hurtta Outback Dog Boots
Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs
4 peaces of my Therm-a-Rest Z-lite SOL sleeping pad
Hurtta Torrent Coat (raincoat)
Ruffwear Palisades Multy-Day Backcountry Pack for Dogs
Icepeak Pet Road Tripper Bowl (the smaller, pink bowl)
Ferplast Travel Bowl (the bigger, blue bowl)
Foldacup (cup for myself mostly)

Nathaniel McFarland
Anthony Zinno




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  • COLLARS ARE FOR DOG TAG, NOT for Leashes! Get a harness for your dog! They will thank you

  • Excellent tips, thank you. And I hope you really enjoyed your through hike in New Zealand 🙂

  • Ah! A fellow Estonian! Now this is a nice and VERY specific information i desperately needed. Thank you!

  • In what kind of world do we live that a dog can't poop on the side of a trail… I ain't picking up my dogs shit, just as I don't pick up your shit, or a deer his shit… shit is to be placed on the ground and stay there. If you don't want to step into poop because you can't look where you walk, you better wear your shoes made from oil by underpaid child slaves at home, and stay there…

  • Great video! Thank you for all these great advices!

  • I highly recommend a double H harness. It goes around their neck, under their chest, around the ribs, down the back, and around the belly. I’ve picked up my dog by the harness to get her out of creeks or crevices she’s gotten herself stuck in, and the weight was distributed evenly throughout her entire body

  • I also bring along a light collar for any night time potty breaks or around camp! 🙂

  • I have never use a leash 100% of the time when hiking with my dog but it is important to still bring it in case some situation arises like a visit from a bear or mountain lion for example where you would want to keep the dog close. For after dark I have a head lamp that I strap around my dogs neck and put it on the red light setting so I can always see him and keep him close. For dog boots I would recommend getting them from site that specializes hunting dog supplies. in the US there is a site called gun dog supply that has all of that kind of stuff. You want the boots that have the teflon loop that the velcro strap goes through and then wraps back around onto its self. Also there is a great product called Mushers Secret that dog mushing teams use to condition the dogs pads and it works quite well. Thanks for the videos I'm enjoying your channel.

  • I use a trailer rope thin lightweight 4m long attached to harness with a knot at the other end. My dog is a westie small and fast. This helps when recall is not working.i just need to catch the rope!

  • This is Super!! I really liked having bowls ready on pack. & This not to buy.. Happy Trails… Très bon champ de mouvement '21!!!… Be cool ..& be safe!

  • I can't use a leash with my dog because when I put them on the way she freaks out and then when he's off leash he is like perfect will just heal with me so I can't use the leash

  • Dog first aid kit
    I put mine together with stuff I mostly got at Dollar store. 👍

  • I don't have a dog yet, will get her next summer and I'm SOOOOO ready to hike with her once she'll be a adolescent/adult dog <3 Thanks so much for this great gear video, really enjoyed it !!

  • Thank you for all the information. This is very useful as I'm getting my Dogo Argentino pup acclimated to going hiking and camping. I appreciate the time you took to make this informative video. You got my subscription to you channel.

  • Please pick a flexi leash that is appropriate for your dog's size. The one you have is for dogs up to 11 kg. And remember to never have an untrained dog in a flexi leash. Have a great day! 😀 <3

  • Why do i fell in love with your accent after watching u 🥺😍

  • A good tip when getting dogs used to carrying things in their backpacks is to put some water bottles in for weight, that way if your dog gets tired you can give them a drink, or just empty out some of the water, to reduce the load.

  • do you really pick up the poops of your dog when you are in the wild? 🙂 In the city, in the park of course but in the wild!! Fortunately cows owners don't have to do the same. Funny.

  • I suggest the song “Luna” by Lesha Svik.

  • Nice video.
    well made and Velcro is quality.
    Get more info about Dog Backpack Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXUk1fvoMnk&t=12s

  • Hallo Maiu, thank you for these useful tips. My Irish Terrier wears her little ruffwear pack with pride when we go hiking, it looks terribly cute 🙂 Now I'm thinking that a raincoat would be a good investment, I want to go hiking in Scotland next summer. Do you have any experience on combining the pack and the raincoat? I wonder if it will easily destroy the waterproof material. I'd be grateful for any tips. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  • In regards to sleeping bag. It's very easy to make one on your own.

    There's an amateur tutorial on YouTube from a Brit guy. To sum up, you need a human bag, a scissor, a needle and non-natural thread. You can use natural thread, like whool or cotton, if you have to, but keep in mind that it will degrade over time.

    What you want to do is create a tail that you fold over, in order to keep her bag shut and no cold air can get in through the cut end.
    1. Turn the sleeping bag inside out. The throw away part is going to be the bottom end of the bag.
    2. Now you'll create a tail that you'll later fold over to keep the bag insulated. Sow the first line 4 inches/10 cm before the part you want to cut away.
    3. Cut it and remove the 4 inches/10 cm of insulated stuffing from the tail.
    4. Fold the empty tail over first sowed line.
    5. Stitch a second line to secure the empty tail with the bag to keep it secure and shut.

    Link to the Camp Life bushcraft video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8W7Em-S8DQ

    PS: A dirty sleeping bag insulate less than a clean bag. My watch can record temperature, so at night I place my watch in her bag at the coldest spot, to keep en eye on her warmth.
    The sleeping bag stuff sack is going to be half full, so you can use the extra space to stuff it with an inflatable air mattress for dogs.

  • Aha I knew I've heard this accent before! Estonia, now I can't stop hearing my brothers wife talking.
    Anyway I'm still considering a backpack for my dog, no as much for food or water, but for first aid for both of us, just in case.

    while I also got her boots she just doesn't like wearing them and I don't know how to get her used to them if she never wants to put them on 🙁

  • Great tips, thank you! Looking forward to this weekends hike 😀🐕

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