What Tent, Pad and SleepingBag i recommend – Motorcycle Camping Gear

This is what Tent, Pad and Bag i recommend for motorcycle camping and motorcycle adventures in Norway. I get alot of questions about this and i this is my toughts on the subject. Enjoy

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  • I have almost the same tent as you, I can higly recommend you to use a footprint under the tent, you will then reduces the condensation a lot. Thanks for another great video, keep up the great work😊👍🏻

  • I purchased a Decathlon black-out tent for the exact reason of sunrise. I've also purchased the Amok wonterlite pad. In Ireland we still have plenty of forest, but it's owned by the Forestry and you're not supposed to camp in them without permission. This means a lot of my camping is on treeless environments, meaning a tent is more useful than a hammock

  • Nice I also have an Exped mat, its the 10 centimeter one, called "Mega mat" it's awesome.. Ive tried all the "light weight" options and they always leave me completely shattered the next morning. My mat fills up a lot of my bags/panniers but I wouldn't trade it for a good nights sleep.

  • Another great, full of info video. Question on the sleeping bag: You advise a comfort temp of -10 on the sleeping bag, mine has a comfort temp of -2 (Cumulus) and am wondering what you would suggest to top up de temperature? Would maybe a liner like SeatoSummit thermolite or reactor extreme do? As a pad I very likely will be using an Exped Megamat (10cm) or tmaybe Termarest Mondoking. Or is there no need to up the comfort temp. during the summer months (June/July/August)?

  • Great content. to really refine your camp decision, stop watching moto videos and watch hiking videos… Seriously, hikers pick the best tents, quilt bags, and pads because their safety requires a solid night's sleep. Plus, hikers know something about weight and volume savings…

  • If you haven't yet selected a new free standing tent take a look at the Robens Lodge 3. Dimensions inside are 225 x 180 x 110 cm so with a length of 225 cm it offers 10 cm more than most of the other brands. I'm seriously considering the Lodge 2 with the same length 💙💛🏁🤛🏼

  • I love your vlogs – regards från Tyskland

  • Hi Hansen. What is your motorcycle Suite called?

  • it would been great if you linked the produckts in the discriptions then it would be more easy to find it, if someone wanna buy some of it, only a suggestion though.

  • Hi, nice review. I would like to suggest you try the Decathlon Fresh & Black series tents, you get a pretty much pitch black interior so you can sleep well at night and it will keep the sunlight at bay in the early morning to let you enjoy your sleep for a bit longer. The tents aren't as light as others on the market but, they are really good. They're the self standing type with a rugged floor, another plus is that the fresh & black cover can be removed if it's very hot and/or if you want to air the tent out before putting it away. I use a tarp under the tent as the terrain in my part of Spain is very rocky and hard packed.

  • Brilliant easy to follow video thanks UK

  • maybe in Norway you can drink from the rivers. Here in the US they're poisoned.

    Thanks for the video, vet helpful

  • great tips and yet another polished video

  • Great video. What brand are the suspenders ? I have been looking for some like that that fit badlands pro. Thanks.

  • wtf, that waterfall, unreal

  • Looks very much like here in New Zealand!

  • U have an extra powerful immune system 🤢

  • Great videos and useful information shared. Thank you! I have a few questions about your sleeping bags.
    How many sleeping bags do you have/own & why? What are the names/specifications for each of them? If you're thinking of selling any of them, I would like to know about it, please. If you want, you can email the link or info to me at:
    Thank you for your time & effort to answer my questions. Keep the great videos coming!

  • My tent placement is just the opposite. I want the shade in the evening & the sun in the morning . The sun will dry out any dew so I can get moving earlier.

  • Greetings from Western Norway. Thanks for your informative videos. 

    TENT: I recommend a FREE-STANDING tent. Because the tent can be moved after it is set up, and it will stand on a hard surface without pegs.
    I use Hilleberg Allak 2. It is very quick to set up, and is very spacious for 1 person with luggage. The inner tent can easily be partially disconnected from the outer tent, so that the tent can be used as e.g. bathroom or kitchen. 
    A footprint is recommended for less condensation. It prolongs the life of the tent and can also be used as a tarpaulin.

    CHAIR and SLEEPING PAD: I also recommend an insulated inflatable sleeping pad, with a CHAIR KIT. 
    My chair kit is always on. It protects my mattress from punctures, and the thick soft mattress chair is my evening luxury in camp.  
    I think that a good sleeping pad is more important than a good sleeping bag (- put on more clothes!).

    SLEEPING BAG: Norway is a mountainous country, and sometimes you find the perfect campsite high in the mountains. Then it is important to have a good sleeping bag, because the temperature decreases by approx. 1 ℃ per 100 meters above sea level. When it is 15 ℃ by the fjord means that it is approx. 5 ℃ 1000 meters higher up.
    BUT I would not recommend a sleeping bag insulated with down, because I have experienced that down insulates very poorly when it gets wet, something you have to reckon with in Norway. A sleeping bag with SYNTETIC FIBRE is heavier and larger (and cheaper) than a down bag, but keeps you warm and saves your night's sleep (and the following nights) even when it is wet. 
    A synthetic fiber sleeping bag also has the advantage that you can DRY CLOTHES while sleeping. – Wear dry clothes on the inside, and the wet clothes on the outside. Lie down in the sleeping bag, and wake up with all your clothes dry.

    Ride safe! – Then you get to ride again.

  • Great info, always nice to see camping from a colder climate location. And also tent pegs that go into the soft grass so easily!! Not what we are used to here 🙂 Thanks Thomas.. great video

  • One thing I learned as I studied in Norway. If it comes to camping, you can always trust a "nordmann" 🙂 Thanks for the video and your recommendations!

  • wop

    Since this year has been "fuc…. up" in terms of travelling I am considering updating my equipment. Thanks for the tips. Definetly worthy.

  • what amok hammock do you recommend

  • Being 201cm, riding a 1200 GSA, and living in Norway I really like your channel. Ten thumbs up from here.

  • Hallå Thomas
    Jag har en 690 också, såg dina väskor på din 790. Vilken storlek är det, ser ut som Mosko?

  • First class video production as always from Thomas . Great gear and nice recommendations . Keep it up and throttle on …. What maps do you use on your mobile phone , or is it only the garmin gps ?

  • Thank for the review on your equipment. You also said you like drinking from rivers. What about bacteria in the water? There are so many good filters and filtering options on the market. Why risk it? Drinking contaminated water. I live in Texas and even in the higher elevations or northern latitudes of this country I’m not sure I would trust the lack water born bacteria. Or did I miss something? I also wish I could ride my adventure bike in Norway. There’s a lot of history in Norway. 🇺🇸

  • Nice setup (and cuts! 😉). Lot's of good tips here. Had to download this video so I could watch it offline while in my own tent! Can't miss an upload from Thomas Hansen! 😄

  • Most of my camp gear comes from europris og biltema 😀

  • Howdy neighbour. I have a Helsport Lofoten superlite for hiking, but chose a self standing Exped Orion II Extreme for motorcycle camping. It's taller than Helsport's Reinsfjell and has a ton of smart features. I hate spending time on putting down pegs if I don't have to! We also have roughly the same sleeping mat. I got the Synmat 9 LW for motorcycle camping. I had the lighter Downmat 7 UL for hiking from before. When it comes to comfort they are FAR superior to those thin, self-inflating or foam mats.

  • Thanks for the video.
    I can understand what you mean about all four seasons in the same day. It’s really fascinating to ride over a mountain road in May, with full winter up in the mountain, down to a valley where it’s spring or early summer. Okay technically you have two or maybe three seasons. You will only have winter, spring and summer and no autumn but it’s still fascinating.

  • Damn right about comfort temperature of sleeping bag in Norway. Mine was a bit too cold so on those rainy days during my trip I used to boil water, fill it in to the empty soft drink bottle and throw inside my sleeping bag. Really great stuff if you are in trouble.

  • Great video, especially for a camping noob like me. I guess the weight difference between 2 person and 3 person tent is minimal? Camping scares me, taking a dump in the wild too.

  • Stay safe feels like a topic that is actual, as we know. Like the advise to take care of your equipment and the equipment takes care of you 👍🏻

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