What to Pack for an Overnight Hike – Great Ocean Walk Gear List

Today I take you through whats in my pack for an overnight/multiday hike. I was preparing to hike the 8 days on The Great Ocean Walk, so I took the opportunity to give you a detailed look into my gear list!

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  • Did you look at any other variable ND filter options?

  • Oooo I’m looking at that lens for Stacey at the moment! So torn between the 16mm prime and the f4 and this.

  • Another Aussie…awesome……Subscribed😁👍, I'm in Victoria aswell and new to long hikes. Always good to see someone else's gear choices that hike in similar areas.
    I don't have hiking poles but thinking about it and curiosity has me asking, why do you like cork handles? I'm interested to know. Great video content by the way 👌✌ thanks

  • Awesome videos thanks for the insight!

  • Binge watching all your videos!!
    Love your content!

  • YES to the chicken crimpys NO to a full roll of dunny paper!!! Good vid, you have really long fingers?


  • awesome video! good to come across some more fellow aussies getting on the youtube videos

  • Does Haley girl still have her big pack?

  • It's honestly quite comforting to see someone else not going complete ultralight. I just got my gear together for a month-long hike, and the longest one I've done so far is 8 nights. It will be in northern Scandinavia, so I want some safety margins, but seeing basically everyone on youtube and reddit have a sub-5kg base weight and talking down on people who carry more, makes me worried, and makes me second-guess my purchases that honestly were quite expensive. My pack actually has been lighter at some point, I had one of those tents that use hiking poles to set up, but it felt so crammed, my sleeping bag touching the tent wall and so on (and I'm not a tall person). Maybe one day I'll lighten up my pack, but for now, my base weight without consumables is about 9kg. What did yours end up being?

  • Hey Haley!!! How many packs do you have I am curious. I think also that I gave you the names of all my packs right?? And just to let you know I did make sure that all of my notifications are on!!! Love your hiking videos!!!

  • Hey Haley!! Yes. I love backpacks as well, and I have ones from errand running to backpacking backpacks. Which means I have a couple of commuter backpacks as well. Gonna get another one tomorrow. All of my backpacks are named after girls. And I have my hydration backpack named Haley. Haven’t used her yet but she will bee coming out soon I am sure. Your backpack is your best friend and will not let you down. I have a great relationship with all my packs. They all sever their purpose. Haley is a great pack because she is always their to give me water when I need it. She has a 3 leader water bladder in her pouch.

  • Have you done the Great Ocean Walk Hike yet?

  • Hey, Enjoying your videos, I'm just a sleeping bag and mat away from being able to start overnight hikes, I've picked up some good tips from you, so thanks!
    I noticed you had the weights of all the items next to the descriptions – I was curious to know how much did the pack weigh on this trip?

  • Great job on the vid. And noice cam. Like your idea with the cloth inside the Toaks pot – stealing that trick from you.

  • hey Great video can i ask what's the overall weight of the backpack? Well Done keep up great work

  • Nice setup I opted out a second power bank for a anker solar panel works well enough to keep things going although I take pictures rather than record videos as well the head torch is really nice ive got a rechargeable hand torch but will be looking into one similar to yours seems lighter weight and frees up the hands 😏

  • Thank you so much for that very informative video. You really gave me some great ideas on how to improve my setup. I’d be interested to know the thought process that brought you to these decisions. For instance, why do you like cork handles on the walking sticks? I have no experience with them. Anyway, I’m glad I came across your channel. You’re super talented. I subscribed 🙂

  • Great tips! Hoping to get around to some overnight hiking in Victoria asap 🙂 I'll definitely use some of these!

  • Put your Tyvek through a wash cycle and it will get rid of the noise. Have you considered replacing the sawyer cap with a flip top sports cap, ditching the water bag and connecting the sawyer straight to the bottle – heaps more efficient and a little lighter.

  • just on time 😍, aaaaaand now the wait is on

  • Would love to know how you came to decide on the R6, with all the great options around at the moment.

  • Great gear list and looks like you have some seriously good quality camera gear in there. Where did you pick up your Xero Z Trails? Could you get them locally in Australia or were they online from overseas? I’ve been trying to work out a good camp shoe option and these seem to have really good reviews.

  • Try chucking your tyvek through the washing machine a couple of times it’s supposed to stop it being so crinkly. I still haven’t ordered mine for either of my tents so not sure if it actually works but have heard it does. Great gear load out. Can’t wait for the vids 🙂

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