What water bottle to use for day hiking, backpacking, or mountaineering

Having enough water is especially important when in the mountains. Let’s compare these 6 options for water bottles to use for hiking, backpacking, or mountaineering. We need to consider weight, capacity, convenience, and a few other factors unique to each option.

The best for day hiking is a water bladder because of it’s immediate access keeps you hydrated. My favorite is this 3L Camelbak:

The best for backpacking and mountaineering is a wide-mouth, BPA free bottle. The wide mouth is easier to fill and pour. The 1L size is easy to fit into your pack, I carry 2 of these on summit bids:

This small-mouth, BPA free bottle is still great for backpacking, but not good for mountaineering because it’s hard to fill with melted snow from the stove:

A cycling bottle is a good option for day hikes and backpacking, but keep them on the outside of your pack:

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  • Thank you for this video. Subscribed!!! I need an option other than Smart water bottles due to taste from leaching to the point where i feared danger. I don't want to go the Nalgene route but…oh well.

  • thankyou – seems like a simple topic but its nice to actually line them all up and go through it. i have all of those options and do all elevations and am not pushing higher and higher and camelbacks are freezing etc so yeah. thankyou

  • As far as the wide mouth nalgene being hard to drink out of, there are splash guards that you can put in the rim of the bottle. Nalgene makes some, and guyot designs is another good brand. I have two yeti bottles, and even in freezing temperatures, the water inside won't freeze as quickly as it would in a plastic bottle.

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