Which Knife for UK camping, hiking and backpacking, plus UK knife law

Join me in the woods for a chat over a brew and a bacon sarnie whilst I share and discuss just some of my knife collection. Lots of other options are available and this is what I have chosen to buy so reflect my personal view.

These include “UK legal” carry folders, folding lock-knives and fixed blades. I talk about the pros and cons of the designs and why I feel some are better than others for UK camping and hiking. I also share three tools to keep them sharp and clean.I hope this will help to inform your next camping knife purchase and staying legal.
Please bare in mind that I am not an expert in the law and this is my personal interpretation . The video is intended towards individuals using knives for the peaceful pursuit of their camping hobby and not in the legal carry context.

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  • So can you take any knife camping in 2022

  • Would you say the victorinox huntsman would be legal to carry whilst camping

  • Although the Lansky Mad Rock and World knife are "legal" to carry, I think any copper who found them on you would seize them as they are AGGRESSIVE looking knives as opposed to say an inoffensive Swiss Army knife or a small Barlow knife, I have a novelty key ring knife which I don't carry it's from Rolson it has a 1cm blade, but because it locks it's illegal, so in many ways British knife law is ludicrous, and I also carry a knife daily either a Swiss Army or a Colt Canoe

  • Knives have ALWAYS been a useful tool throughout the world for thousands of years. The British attitude towards knives is a result of years of brainwashing and fear mongering. The rest of the world uses common sense in regards to knives and they TRUST their citizens. The phobia of knives in the UK is just really weird.

  • Fallkniven r2 scout

  • Liked your VT. Like yourself I collect knives & have spent three figures on ones I've liked, such as my Japanese steel & gold Damascus folding knife. I've carried a pen knife every day since pre school, it's a family tradition as my Cornish family were mines carpenters & carried a pocket knife, I'm now 60+. Due to health problems I need a knive as I have great difficulty opening simple packages or use to cut food when out. Due to the new knife laws I now carry a small Opinel. The twist lock closed & opening plus the tap to open I like, having fingers traped & scared prior to having lock blades. For eating out I also carry a titanium spork (as deadly as any knife in an idiots hands). My father would never let me have a fixed blade, even though my mates had them, I've now started to collect them also. I'm a traditional in my likes, so plastic & man-made is out. I prefer wood handles (I do have some steel scale & skeletal ones). But trees & wood run through me. There was one thing I didn't like, the way you flicked some blades open it gave a knife glorifying sense to you item, otherwise a very good informative item, thanx R.

  • Nice range of knives
    Atb 👍🏽

  • Uk laws are just stupid i understand why we have them though but literally all i take with me when camping hiking or doing bushcraft is the condor otzi neck knife witch i shouldn't really take out but its a small little neck knife but my edc is the victorinox huntsman witch i take camping hiking aswell

  • I don’t think cutting a bit out of the Svords cutting edge would make it legal as the overall blade length remains the same.
    I have the Madrock but I’ve never carried it because a police officer could measure it from where the spine and handle meet. If that’s how they measure it my Madrock may be too long to be legal, it’s too grey an area to bother risking it. I’m no expert and find uk knife laws very confusing.

  • Bacon sandwich 5 out of 5. Nice pan you are using for the bacon. Do you know what brand and type it is?

  • Great video I have the cold steal GI Tanto the wood find it good to work with like the sharpening rods looks easy to use

  • I have a question I hope you can answer.
    I currently live in Botswana, I have a few knives I would like to take back to the UK with me. A couple of sheath knives, a super tool leatherman, aMasai spear, and two opinel knives. A number 7 and a number 8.
    question is can I bring them to UK
    In my luggage.
    Or are they deemed illegal

  • everyone who makes video,s on uk knives always forgets about fishing . like a filleting knife .

  • Thanks love the vid sent it to my scouts I am a young leader and they found it interesting

  • Sorry guys the Knife at 27:175 is actually the Cold Steel Kobun, not the Tanto Lite! (my son has the Tanto Lite, whichI bought for him). Plus at 32:30 the one I broke was an SOG jungle Canopy- not Jungle formula- thats insect repellant !

  • Some nice knives there and good reasoning for having them. Got a challenge video for you, if you are up for it? Regards JB. https://youtu.be/nctCM5s_F5k

  • I use a falkniven Tk4 for my out door adventures , best knife I’ve ever used , i always have a reason for carrying my knives 🔪 great video mate

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