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Help me pack!… WILD CAMPING GEAR, Hiking gear, Long distance hiking UK.
I need your help, I’m planning to do a ton of long distance hiking trails in the UK this year but I need to knock at least 1KG off my base weight of my wild camping kit.

Take a look at whats in my pack for multi day hikes and wild camping trips and maybe you can give me some tips of where i could lose a bit of weight? I’ve managed in the past to get it down to 8KG before i packed my water and food, but now have a few new bits that have pushed it slightly over. I want to enjoy my hiking adventures in the UK and not be uncomfortable because my rucksack is too heavy! i struggled on the west highland way with this issue. Any ideas would be much appreciated, to help me set out with a lightweight camping and hiking kit.

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Here is some of the main gear i’m packing for my wild camping trips

Salewa Litetrek 2 tent
Berghaus Transition 200w sleeping bag
UOUNE inflatable sleeping pad
Katadyn Combi water filter

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  • It would be interesting to hear about your kit after hiking this summer…I have some suggestions but you might have already changed stuff…

    …certainly bin the hexi blocks 🙂

  • Replace the katadyn with the katadyn be free

  • Your tent is too heavy. 5 pounds cut down to 3 pounds

  • Just subscribed… love the videos 😀

  • For your fire lighter at 8:26, maybe consider an OEX Piezo Lighter for six quid from Go Outdoors? Much smaller and lighter!👍

  • I wold change sleeping bay to a down bag get rid of sit pad change torches and lighter lol and change to a meths stove

  • Loving your videos, so honest and down to earth. Really entertaining, come up to Scotland again, there's so much more to see…😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😍

  • Thank you Kerry, so helpful! 🙌

  • Recommend you ditch carrying two torches. Check out the Mecarmy FM 18. Smaller and lighter. Variable power settings, body clip on it to use hands free or to suspend on cord.
    Also, If you need long term low level lighting, try tea light candles in a small jam jar.
    As for stoves, after using gas, and solid fuel, I keep returning to myTrangia meths stove. Smaller, lighter, but you do need to be mindful of your fuel. Just the same as all the others, unless you run a twig stove. Which is where I use my trangia, so fuel is less of a worry if I run out of meths.
    Finally, without being patronising, as a husband and a father of five grown up daughters, it's great to see you advocating that women get out there and enjoy the great outdoors, same for the other female YouTubers, Wildbeare etc.

  • To cut weight get a lighter tent check out eBay for options, your sleeping bag is weigh too heavy look at quilts like thermarest, toiletries instead of taking full packaged stuff put them in small plastic bags, if you take wipes dry them out and wet them when you want to use them. Try to find things that are dual use for example I wear rab kinetic 2 trousers as my hiking trousers but they are waterproof so save on needing overtrousers. I don’t wear boots I wear altra trail runners, clothes get merino wool which are anti bacterial ie don’t smell in extended use…. Hope that is useful 👍

  • Just watched your Cleveland Way vid…. great viewing.
    It was my first ever long distance trail when I was 17 (40 years ago). Still remember the blisters.!!
    You've been given some great advice here already.Did you get a Sawyer mini from a viewer. Its small and light but the bags that come with it are awkward to fill and its a bit slow at filtering the wet stuff.
    Deffo ditch the tent light and el cheapo headtorch and have a squint at the Nitecore NU 25, which is a quality bit of kit and is usb rechargeable from your power bank. For tent use, just hang from hook on inside of tent and set to low to medium power level.
    Your sleeping bag is OK ish but being synthetic fill it prob fills half your rucksack.
    When funds allow, consider a tent target weight of 1.2 Kg for a one person tent and say 1.5 Kg for a two person. Naturehike would be worth a look on YTube, maybe the Vik 1 or Vik 2, although your Salewa may handle strong winds better.

  • Just discovered your videos👍. Get a Sawyer mini water filter and a titanium mug instead of the mess tin. And ditch the massive lighter 🤣 x

  • Try the E.tang stove and the goatland frying pan

  • Have you tried the perfeclan 1 tent it's very

  • Tent camping is lighter, don't forget the Lovehoney items 😘

  • Lanshan would be my best call. That'll chop a kilo straight away. Failing that the katadyn be free filter that is about 40 quid and alot smaller than your current one. Mess kit could definitely be lighter with titanium kits now very cheap from China. And definitely dump hexamine for gas.

  • Have you got a sherpa helping you carry on that gear?

  • Sleep mat Trekology UL80, would go for Trekology Aluft pillow too, rather than mess tins go for a titanium pot

  • Get on AliExpress and you can buy stuff very handy , I use the titanium alcohol stove by Lixada it comes with pot support. Also Lixada do titanium pots very cheap for boiling water . I use freeze dried meals , quick and tasty . A liner for your sleeping bag would help , give you another few degrees . If you stretch to the Sea to Summit reactor one possible 5 to 8 degrees . I got a tiny rechargeable headlamp off AliExpress great piece of kit . 👌👌

  • Nice pack and good gear! My pack usually ways around 15kg minimum but then I don't usually walk further than 5 miles most..
    PS, loose the underwear I don't bother with them 😂😂😂

  • get rid of the tent there are lighter tents out there and you will save your 1kg. bet a lighter pack as well

  • I found it difficult to get mine under 15kg when doing the SDW. Depends on how much u want to spend. Most of the weight is generally in the sleep system

  • Fun vid as always Kerry. Do away with the cigs 🙂

  • Hi, the tent light and headtorch could be smaller which would weigh less. Maybe get rid of the mess tins and get titanium mugs (750ml). Everything else looks fine.

    Great watch.

    ATB Adam 👍👍

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 fine and dandy andy pandy…classic…gonna use that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katadyn Befree water filter … brilliant filter and the Hyrdapak 2Ltr water bottle as it has a wide neck for the filter Those would replace your life straw and pump

    Nitecore NU25 head torch

    Definitely a mini Bic lighter 😂😂

    The tent is a bit of a drag too 😬… I’m sure many people will have recommendations mine would be a 3FUL Lanshan 2 pro from AliExpress trekking pole tent cheap lightweight at 2.7lbs and roomy !! All the best

  • I’d go for a lighter pack like anExos. And a silk sleeping bag liner makes all the difference.

  • Ur like proper motivating and hot so defo be watching ur videos, honesty is the best policy x

  • I've been doing this for 45 years- I can't carry big loads now. If money is no object you can save ~3kg.
    Rucksac G4-20, 0.7 kg, saving 0.5kg but expensive (>£200)
    Tent Nordisk Telemark 1 LW & plastic groundsheet, 1.08 kg, saving 1.22 kg, expensive (also Wild Country Zephros 1 tent, £161 but 1.6 kg wt)
    Sleeping bag down summer weight 0.77 kg, saving 0.53 kg
    Water filter Sawyer mini weight 75 g, saving 725g
    Toiletries about the same
    Misc (billies etc) 0.2 kg heavier including gas for 7 days
    Clothes 0.26 kg heavier- I have a complete change in case of getting wet
    Torch headlamp only 55 g saving 220 g- your phone is a spare
    water containers use 4 0.5 litre water bottles- easier to pack, weight 100 g
    Sit mat- use your waterproofs! saving 100g
    Alarm use a whistle instead on cord around neck- always available
    Don't need water straw, if filter fails boil the water

    Tent is no 1, then sleeping bag. Plenty of opportunities for saving weight & packing extras clothes!

  • Oh wow. Just found this channel = new subscriber 👍🤠

  • Your tent, wild country zephros 1, weighs a kilo, take the inner out in the summer even lighter, that’s where I’d start cutting weight!

  • Get on planet x and get yourself a jobsworth stove£29 jst as good as a jetboil but not £100,best thing I've bought 4 my wild camps .😉

  • I see people do everything right & still end up heavier than expected.
    Such a fun hobby to figure out. Most people spend years building their perfect pack.

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