Winter Hiking Gear List & Tips

In this video, I go over the winter gear items you will need for hiking in cold weather. You can find the complete list of gear items mentioned in this video below as well. Be sure to watch the full video on some helpful winter hiking tips to help keep you safe on the trail.

The 10 essentials ~
Base layer thin shirt (100% polyester or merino wool)
Base layer long thermal underwear
Mid layer jacket (fleece or polyester)
Mid layer soft shell nylon pants or leggings
Outer layer jacket (down or synthetic)
Shell jacket (waterproof and windproof)
Waterproof/windproof zip off pants
Fleece hat
Fleece neck warmer or buff
Fleece & Waterproof gloves
Sturdy hiking boots
High gaiters
Merino wool socks
Toe liner socks
Extra clothing
Hand and toe warmers
Emergency blanket
Sunscreen and Chapstick
Extra food
Stove, pot and fuel
Nalgene Water Bottle
Hydro Flask
Trekking Poles with snow baskets
Closed cell foam sleeping pad

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