Winter Hiking Gear List | What Is In My Winter Hiking Backpack

Layering and Clothing Video being edited should be out in a day or two!

Got a lot of requests after the past couple videos to show my winter hiking gear load out as well as my winter layering system. This video shows specifically what is in my backpack. LAYERING VIDEO TO COME SOON (I just have to edit it).

Hope this video helps anyone that was wondering!

Patagonia R1 Hoody
Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Leggings
Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Hoody
REI Quarter Zip Wool Long Sleeve
Granite Gear Crown VC 60
Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm MAX
Nemo Sonic -20 Degree Sleeping Bag
MLD Duomid
REI Snow Stakes
Big Agnes Copper Spur HV 2 Expedition
Litesmith Nyloflume Compactor Bag
Steripen Ultra
Zpacks Bear Bag Kit
MSR Fuel Bottle
MSR Whisperlite
Aluminum Camp Pot
Toaks Long Handle Spoon
Zpacks Pillow Dry Bag
Osprey Pack Cover
Enlightened Equipment Snow Wrap
REI Stormhenge Jacket
EMS Summit Gloves
Marmot Minimalist Pants
Outdoor Research Helium ii
Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie
Buff Original
CTF Fleece Mask
Seirus Face Mask
Cabelas / Icebreaker Tee
Ex Officio Underwear 9 Inch inseam
Arcteryx Atom LT
REI Knit Cap
Outdoors Research Crocodile Gaiters
Kahtoola Microspikes
MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
Bolle Snow Goggles
Cascade Mountain Tech 3k Trekking Poles
Mountain Hardwear Glove Liners
Wigwam Ultimax Socks
Prana Stretch Zion Pants
Keen Durand II
Trekology Pillow
Peak Designs Capture Clip
Joby Gorilla Pod
GH5 3rd Party Battery
SD Card
Panasonic 12-35 f2.8
Rode Video Micro
Duece of Spades Trowel
Anker 13,000mAh battery
3in Lightning Cable
3in Micro USB Cable
NiteCore NU25
Black Diamond Revolt
Zpacks Fleece Hat

I have removed all affiliate links from my videos. While I was specifically going out of my way to disclose any affiliate status in my videos, as well as recommend people not purchase gear or items they don’t need, having these affiliate links has always felt slightly contrary to how I would like to operate.

Please note that I am not recommending any of the gear seen in any of my videos. This is what I use and what I have found works best for me and my hiking style at this current period of time. I have come to these conclusions through vast levels of trial and error with gear. In my opinion the only way you will find what truly works for you is by using the gear you already have and finding its positives and negatives. Do not buy gear just because it worked for, or was recommended by, someone on YouTube.

This video was recorded with:
Panasonic GH5
Panasonic 8-18 f2.8-4.0
Rode Video Micro
Peak Designs Capture Clip v2
K&F Concept Variable Fader ND2-400 Filter
Manfrotto BeFree Live Tripod

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  • Don't worry that tent is not heavy at all. Fo winter sometimes I carry up to a ten pound tent. My winter tents vary from 5 to 10 pounds. U can't go lower then 5 for a Tru winter tent. People need to stop freaking out. It's embarrassing for them. Maybe they can lift a weight and get a bit of standard muscle .

  • by blowing it with your mouth water vapor will penetrate the material in your pad to some degree and bacteria/mold will grow. Is it critical no of course not! It would take a very long time for bacteria/mold to damage your pad. Your pad isn’t going to last long enough for this to cause any major problems, before anyone jumps on you because you are doing the traditional way instead of using an air bag.

  • your ruining you expensive wool thick socks when you put your water bottle in them….sad!

  • My system for -22°F and up to hurricane winds is almost identical.
    The weight is becoming so oppressive that I'm considering swapping for a pulk when on expeditions.

  • Tenks you Cris from the worm Israel

  • Hello Chris, thank you for sharing this very informative video, great content. Please keep up the great work. The very best to you for your good health and safety. 🤗

  • I just sleep in a mattress bag in the woods.

  • Chris, do you store the fuel canister outside the pack in case of leaks?

  • Is there a refrigerator? Everything’s so heavy heavy
    That pack weighs as much as my car.

  • Pro tip from a Norwegian military man. In sub 0 conditions use a camelback or a similar hydration system. You can wear in under your clothes on your stomac. Your body hear will keep it from getting wery cold, i have been out for weeks in 20- celcius or colder and my water never froze once. 😁

  • Can you mention the overall weight of your kit

  • How much is your packs full weight with food and water? Trying to compare mine because I’m poor and new so my pack is per heavy

  • Interesting choices. Here is my WINTER GEAR LIST: (not all items are included)
    1. PACK-> Deuter Air Contact 65=10 (formerly a very heavy 7.5 lb. Dana Terralpane)
    2. TENT-> Tarptent Moment DW solo tent W/ripstop inner tent
    3. SLEEP SYSTEM-> LL Bean -20 down bag & REI FLASH All Season (R 5.3) mattress, heavy "sleep socks" & fleece balaclava
    4. COOK SYSTEM-> Whisperite International white gas mode, 3 cup anodized aluminum pot, plastic bowl & graduated cup
    and for longer stays an additional stove – Trail Designs ti Sidewinder W/ Inferno "gassifier" wood burner insert for melting snow,
    and BTW, a wine bota slung under parka for water, Steripen & Katadyn chlorine dioxide tablets.
    5. CLOTHING-> heavy polyester base layer, synthetic sweater, 200 weight fleece vest, Eddie Bauer -30 F. Peak XV parka (camp and severe weather use), Duluth Trading fleece lined nylon cargo pants, GTX ski gloves W/ removable fleece liners & spare liner, SCARPA T3 plastic Tele ski boots W/3 mm closed cell neoprene socks over thin poly liners (1 pr. liners per day), REI Kimtah eVent parka, fleece ball cap W/ ear flaps. GTX OR mitten shells & Dachstein boiled wool liners for severe weather. Maybe even ski goggles.
    5. collapsable avy shovel & avy snow study tools.
    6. Gen. 3 SPOT rescue beacon
    7. Atomic TM 22 skis and adjustable ski poles

    As a former Nordic and Alpine ski patroller and US Army winter survival instructor I have "perfected" my winter gear list – until something better comes along, that is. ;o)

  • Watched every minute. Great video. Thank you. I am going to check out that bag.

  • HA. After Chris waved his money good-bye I looked up the cost of the tent. Pretty pricey (@$427-450.00) x ✌. lol, so now I get it😂 Pay for what you get at times. Kept him warm.

  • Good video. How much did you pay for the sleeping bag? How much does it weigh? Do you put any layers on the dance floor inside? Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.

  • MSR Whisperlite is white gas only. Whisperlite International is multi fuel.

  • you don't use trekking or hiking poles

  • I just saw the video, the whisperlite will most definitely run on gasoline. that stove will last forever, mine is about 20ish years old and going strong. It's all I've ever used in the extreme cold. you can get most of a week for about a dollar. Safe journeys and good video.

  • Your back pack seems like a black hole with unlimited space!!

  • Great explanations. Helping me with my research for gear.

  • Subscribed!!
    I too sleep like a hot dog at the gas station…I roll all night long and I’m still warm the next morning.

  • Awesome content, I really like the list which you provided I used most of it for the Winter Hiking which I did at New Hampshire ( White Mountains)
    Check the video out:
    Hope you like it

  • I think many of us jump to conclusions without knowing what they're talking about, a External frame backpack will be the best backpack you could ever carry on a thru hike …but most people will never know because this kind of backpacking takes more then somebody else's advice to know how good a external frame backpack really is…for many people carrying a External frame backpack will realize how great a frame pack is after about 200 miles…but many people will never know this because they have been told by people how bad a External frame backpack is by people that have never used one!

    A External frame backpack, and waist belt system on these kind of backpacks make up for a little extra weight you might carry in a External frame backpack…you can still carry a Ultralight gear kit if you want… A External frame backpack carries most of your weight directly on your hips, and the shoulder straps keep the pack from falling backwards… You get more ventilation with an external frame backpack and you walk with a more upright position, you're not bent over for 8 hours like you are with other kind of Packs…

    With a External frame backpack you do need to get your torso length correct… And you load a External frame backpack differently then a Ultralight pack…but taken care of these things will make your External Frame Backpack…the best experience you will ever have in backpacking -Friar Rodney Burnap

  • 1. My cold setup doesn’t look like this but I live in Alabama, so there’s that.
    2. Love your attitude about doing your own research and being satisfied about your gear.

  • SteriPen scrambles the DNA of the organisms….Doesn't kill them, they just cannot reproduce and thrive in your system…

  • Great video.I enjoyed it.Thank you.

  • Great tip on TURNING THE WATER BOTTLES UPSIDE DOWN. to prevent from freezing✌👍

  • Another great vid Chris. I want to do some winter overnighters. I’m really interested in the Nemo Sonic. I’m a short dude at 5”5. What length would you recommend for me? Thanks 🤙

  • Enjoyed seeing your gear. Thanks for sharing

  • Hey man what’s up. I don’t usually comment on YouTube videos but I have a question so here goes…

    I like your channel a lot. In particular these longer, more in depth videos are great. Thanks for making them. More than a few times I’ve watched one of your hikes to get an idea what I’ll be up against before making the drive up.

    Anyway, my question is about the Big Agnes Expedition tent. Are you considering not keeping it because you don’t really like it or you just don’t have that much use for it since you have other tent options? I’m thinking about buying one and would appreciate any additional input. Thanks.

  • I really liked your GG2 tent review a while back and wonder how a lighter tent like that would hold up to winter camping in comparison to the heavier BA tent you've apparently been using. Any thoughts?

  • Nice that you dont shill. Subscribed.

  • This sounds weird, but hot water freezes faster than cold water. Try filling two ice trays, one with hot and one with cold to see…neat tick.

  • Used to use the same backpack. Recently switch to an MLD Exodus for my Winter Backpacking. The GC Crown always performed great.

  • My man…single digits sounds lovely….love it and I'm sure you do as well..winter hiking is so fun..loving the gear….the 60L pack definitely helps I'm sure ..great vid dude..

  • Chriss….. Excellent. Terrific job!! Ax

  • I did a thanksgiving hike too. It was a thursday to friday over nighter in the adirondacks upstate NY. It was cold as hell and it dipped below zero. When I got to my car it was showing minus 12 F. This was my first over nighter and it was hell. GPS was not working, stove barely worked, bottles were frozen.

  • Great tip on the water bottle being upside down and a partial fill. One can always learn! Cheers from Tn.

  • Great gear / pack explosion. I need to work on my cold setup badly! 🤓

  • Great video hope to see on the trail one day

  • What was ur overall weight ???

  • I really enjoy your videos dude!

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