Winter Hiking Mt Washington Trailhead 2021. Top 10 Winter Hikes near Seattle

My favorite part about the winter holidays is the white fluffy snow! Winter is upon us so let’s get the snowshoes dusted off and get the micro spikes out from the closet and let’s go for a nice winter snow hike at Mt Washington Trailhead.

Hiking Mt Washington Trailhead can be a little bit of a challenge because the trailhead is a 9.0-mile RT hike with an approximate elevation gain of ~3200ft!

The hike itself is straight forward. Just continue to follow the trailhead until you reach the top!

Some Suggestions if you plan on doing this hike
– I recommend starting the hike early! I got to the trailhead at ~1130am and i unfortunately was not even able to make it to the top of the summit. I was about 85-90% at the top, however due to the time, I didn’t want to hike in the dark especially in the winter.

– Recommend everyone to wear warm and appropriate winter clothing.

– Waterproof shoes are highly recommended. There are some small water crossings that you will have to trudge through, and nothing is worse than having wet feet especially in the wintertime!

– Bring some hiking sticks / poles. I had the mistake of just leaving mine in the car as I normally don’t hike with hiking poles, but because of the snow, you’ll likely benefit from ascending the trailhead much more easily if you had some poles to assist you with going up!

– You will need a Discover Pass for parking here

Pros about Mt Washington Trailhead
– BEAUTIFUL scenery. This is one of my favorite hikes to do during the winter season
– Only about a 45-minute drive if you’re going from places like Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond area
– Crowd Size. This is my 2nd time doing this hike and there weren’t that many people doing this hike.
– There is a bathroom stall at the parking lot. It was open on Christmas Eve 12/24/2021.

Con’s about Mt Washington Trailhead
– Moderate to Hard difficulty rating. This is long hike to the top! It’s about 4.5 miles one way with an elevation gain of ~3200ft.
– Narrow trailhead. Not necessarily a con, but with the narrow trailhead, it can be hard to utilize your snowshoes. Highly recommend to have a good pair of shoes or utilize some microspikes!


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