W&OD Cycling Trail GUIDE: DINO TRACKS! Leesburg, VA

Cycling TOUR: DINO TRACKS! W&OD Trail: Sterling to Leesburg, Virginia
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We are going to discover some cool stuff today. It’s hard to believe but here in Virginia off this trail is the largest concentration of dinosaur tracks in North America. Yes, believe it or not. From lush greenery, a river, to traveling the route where George Washington used for his expeditions. This is a rail-trail that was built on top of train tracks… We are going to follow part of the W and O D Trail from Sterling to Leesburg…so all aboard, you don’t need a train ticket because the bike ride is free. Let’s go bike riding.

During the ride:
This looks like a well-maintained trail and all paved
moderately trafficked
You can see remnants of railroad life throughout. deck girder bridge over Sycolin Creek

We Pass right by Old Ox Brewery and Carolina BBQ. Best BBQ Chicken
Luck Stone Quarry is a stunning site in Ashburn, Virginia that boasts the largest concentration of dinosaur tracks in North America. There are thousands of these well-preserved footprints to observe, most of which date back to the late Triassic period (some 220 million years ago!)
Very scenic

Easy access points, you can hop on and off just about anywhere. Mile markers help you know where you are, and other signs along the way tell you what shops/bars/restaurants are nearby.
Some historical signs pop up here and there
there’s a rest stop/stretching station, with a water fountain,
It’s a perfect place to feel like you’re away from the city a beautiful little park with trails and streams
Ending: This trail has its pros and cons:
Pros:-It is paved and smooth, it is relatively flat. It has shops/cafes/stores along the route
The Cons: The trail is going through a heavily populated Northern VA sprawl.
There is quite a bit of litter The trail follows the path of high-voltage power lines and there’s a power station on the route – not exactly the view I was hoping for. Lots of people – watch out
I still think it is well worth the trip.

Sterling / Route 28
Accessible by taking either of two routes from Route 28:
(1) Waxpool Road (Route 625) — Take Route 28 to Waxpool Road westbound, turn right onto Pacific Boulevard, pass over the W&OD bridge and turn left into the parking lot access road.
(2) Nokes Boulevard (Route 1793) — Take Route 28 to Nokes Boulevard westbound, turn left onto Pacific Boulevard and turn right into the parking lot access road just prior to the W & OD Trail bridge.
Sterling/Pacific Boulevard
Parking for horse trailers is available at this location and, during the summer as well as on weekends during the school year, at Loudoun County High School and Loudoun Valley High School.
A 40-car parking lot for W&OD Trail users is located opposite the Carolina Brothers BBQ at the intersection with Ashburn Road in Loudoun County (near milage marker 27.5).
Cochran Mill Road – Leesburg
Take Route 7 west into Leesburg, turn left onto Sycolin Road. Turn immediately right into the parking lot for the Douglass Community Center and park in the rear of the building. The trail is directly behind the building through the picnic area.
Leesburg West
Take Route 7 west into Leesburg past the Douglass Community Center and turn left on Catoctin Circle. Follow that road until you turn left on Dry Mill Road. Turn immediately right into the parking lot of Loudoun County High School. The trail is several hundred yards further down Catoctin Circle. Only for parking on weekends during the school year. Horseback riders are requested to clean up after their horses in the parking lot.

Please be a good steward of the land when cycling. Be aware, and bike with care. If you want us to review a bike path please comment below. Enjoy the Bike Ride! Team Ride & Shine
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