WWW Luxe Hiking Gear Woodstove 6 month review.

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  • I have a lot of sap inside my stove pipe what do you suggest to clean it with?

  • Great little pack stove, just don't misplace the case because the company "WILL NOT" sell you a replacement. Very disappointing!

  • Do you just use any old tent and cut the stove jack in? I’ve always had in my mind canvas for hot tenting but I’m figuring out that’s not the case

  • Just today Pomoly came out with a non roll solid titanium vent pipe. It is quite pricey at $49 per 1 foot piece, $59 for the exhaust foot section.

  • I really don't know that I'd all this a "hiking" stove @ 2lbs 4 oz. Camping seems more accurate. Good review all the same, but please adjust the misleading title. Thanks.

  • How much did you pay for this stove?

  • Have you tried rolling the stove pipe up by yourself? I can't seem to do it.

  • I was hoping to see you in action with it but I’m glad you were able to do this video at least. You’re happy with it, that’s what matters most. Cool idea with the strap. I normally sit and squeeze my Seek Outside between my knees. The removable spark arrestor is smart. Lonnie at Far North Bushcraft and Survival talked about the high up spark arrestors not getting enough heat at the top and clogging, the lower ones can get good heat and direct flame and work better. I broke my damper and they make a new style for my stove so I’m jumping on it for next year. It looks good, like it was well broken in and seated well. I warped mine on break in do to user error like a dumb ass. I over tightened it. Glad you are happy, it’s always nice to be happy with something you spent your hard earned money on

  • Great point regarding the strap. I use a strap of Velcro. What a lifesaver as far as setting up this stove ! Cheers !

  • Awesome video Mr. Big Sky!
    More professional every time…
    Thanks for sharing… I never got out one time this winter…not even for a drive..👎

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